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Hey guys.

This is the SubOfficialKindaOfficialForRightNowOfficial Blog of M.R. Cull, author of the Terraverse Series!

I'm sure you might be wondering who I am, or maybe you're wondering how to find my book. Or perhaps you're not quite sold on getting yourself a copy yet.

Fret not. I know how you feel.

I was in your shoes. I normally bought books from Authors I was familiar with, stories that I knew I would love.

But let's face it. Even our favourite authors were strangers to us at one point. We have to step out of our comfort zones to find the next big names.

I do not proclaim my book to be the best in the business, but I do think it's pretty great, and 3.99 is well within reasonable range in regards to pricing for ebooks.

I might use this blog as a FAQ. I'll answer questions from fans here. I might use the blog to post random top 5s. Or maybe "This Week's Book Rant". Possibilities are endless.

So! To Christen this first Blog. I'm going to open with my Book's Promotion and the story of how this all began.

I found myself graduated from College with few prospects to follow due to a lack of credentials, but I clearly had the Talent if not the Paper. I normally spent my free time playing video games, watching good movies, and writing stories on a Forum I run. Those who read these stories were blown away by the extent of characters, the world, and the lore that I had created. People have told me for years to write books based off these ideas I had, they were itching to see me do something big with it.

Enter Amazon KDP. I am so grateful to Amazon for offering someone with very little money the opportunity to get published. All I had was my talents for writing.

So, I used them. I couldn't afford an Editor, so I edited my own book this time around. I possibly might need to do so for the next two books as well. Once these books kick off and I'm turning in a sizeable profit, I can then use those funds to get these books a better quality of production. I can get a team together, and we can do great things.

But for now: We must start small.

After all, it's not the formatting or quality of the book that matters in the long run: It's the Story that you find within. I've spotted a few typos on books from my favourite authors. But I didn't even care, because I was so gripped into the story. A good story is worth a few editing errors, in my humble opinion.

A Perilous Beginning has a small cast of characters, but this is the opening act, and I wanted to start small to give you guys an easy start. Each character was crafted from a special place in my head.

Pyke was crafted from my dreams of being a published author with a large readership but no funds to get started: but had the ambition to make it to the top.

Sechul was crafted years ago during my prototype stages of the series. I wanted a character who was already "finished with his story arc" persay. He's already seen and done it all. Now he's a tired and jaded fighter drifting from place to place.

Elysa? Not only is she the 'Token Female Character', but she's also the plot exposition. Much of the story of Season 1 is going to revolve around her, even if she doesn't become a main character for all twelve books.

If you want my two cents on the other characters, purchase my book, read about them, and then send me a message asking me to mention it in the next blog!

The Preface and Intro in book 1 are lengthy, and for this I apologise. I had too much to say, to explain, about this new world that you might have questions about. I was hoping to cover them before they were even asked. Book 2 has a much shorter Preface/Intro. You'll get to the story on page 7 (so far as my current draft depicts, final edit might give or take a few pages).

I put alot of dreams into this book. And I want to share it with you all. Give it a chance, yeah?


And now it's time to wh*re myself out with the links and advertising!

Book 1: A Perilous Beginning is out NOW on ebook and paperback via Amazon.com!


Do you like Fantasy? Do you like Lord of the Rings? Do you like silly jokes that make you laugh?

Then A Perilous Beginning is just the thing for you! Three unlikely heroes have their destinies intertwined as the big bad Musharii Empire seeks to destroy all that they hold dear.

It will take all of Pyke's wits, all of Elysa's cunning, and all of Sechul's skill to get them through this ordeal. Witness the beginning of it all, the beginning of a Saga.

This novel is the first of a trilogy called Noct & Tath. Why Noct & Tath? What is the significance behind this? Find out by collecting all three books! You'll get your answers in the next installments!

All proceeds go towards getting the next book out, promoting the current book, and sustaining the Author's livelihood so that he doesn't die of starvation.


I'm easily reachable. I now have THREE methods to follow me on!

My Facebook Page, where I occasionally post updates!:


My Twitter Page, where I am slightly more active!:


And finally, my Amazon Author Central Page!:


Thank you to my future readers, my current readers, and my potential readers. Anyone who read this whole blog... you guys are the best!

I know I'm not a big name yet. But together, I hope we can make this series great, we can make it go places. Without you I'm just a guy with a book. You guys are what gives my title of Author a true definition.


M.R. Cull

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