Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Blog 4

Hello Everybody!

Welcome back to the Terraverse Blog! 

I have some updates, a new thing I'm going to try, and ONE question Anonymous asked me to answer. 

First let's talk about the new thing. 

I'm calling it "Fantasy Story of the Month" and it is as it sounds. It will be a fantasy story that I'll talk about once a month. 

I can only talk about it if I own it in my Archive of goodies. If I've not played/watched/read this fantasy related product, then I won't be able to give it the mention it deserves.

If you'd like me to review something, shoot me a comment and I'll check it out when I have time. If I don't own the product you want me to look into, then tell me where I can check it out for free/dirt cheap and I'll see what I can do. 

ALSO! Please keep in mind these are strictly for review purposes under FAIR USE! These are ENTIRELY comprised of my opinion FACTS about the product in question. 

Review purposes/personal commentations about a product fall under the Lawfully protected laws of Free Speech. 

Without further delay. Let's dive right into it! 

Fantasy Story of the Month: Mythica. 

"M.R. Cull! What's Mythica? I've never heard of it!" 

That's okay, random guy in quotes. Most people haven't. Unless you're a walmart shopper. Even then! You might not have picked this hidden gem up unless you were already a fan of Kevin Sorbo (great guy. He's in so many b-rated films. He helps out ALOT because fans of HIM will check the MOVIE out and then the MOVIE will have fans. Great eh?

Oh, and did I forget to mention Matt Mercer is in it?! 

Anyways. Let's talk about why this indie Fantasy series is on this list. This fantasy series is on this list because it represents determination to see your goals through. This was a fantasy series that had alot of Kickstarter Campaigns to keep it running. They managed to get the movies decent graphics despite the low budget. 

I really liked their tenacity and perseverance to see this project completed. It reminds me of myself and how I feel about The Terraverse. I have the same drive to see this project completed as well. 

Now let's get down to CONTENT. What's the story? I'm not spoiling it. But if you've seen a traditional Form-a-party-to-fight-the-bad-guy shtick then you've seen them all. But what makes it so GOOD is that it also STANDS OUT. 

I liked the edginess of the characters and how rocky everything started. The main 4 heroes did not know eachother from adam. But they joined forces for different reasons (and in the half-elf's case, the MONEY) and ended up establishing themselves as some of the greatest fictional friends I'll ever know. 

How they formulated their Magick was also great. If you want more information about that I'll provide you with a link to the Mythica website where you can learn more about the series. And if you want Bluray copies of the movies you can get that there too. 

You have Necromancy which draws on the life of others to use magick. Component magicks that draw on the chemical properties of elements, and something akin to clerical/priestly magicks. 

It truly is an interesting concept and I commend the writers! 

Why should you check out Mythica? 

Well, let's talk about that. 

Do you like Fantasy? If the answer is yes. Then Yes, you Should! No raw fantasy fan should live their life without checking Mythica out. 

It has its choppy graphical moments. But they reminded me so much of how the Low-Budget series Lexx was like that I let it all slide. 

For information on Lexx, you can simply do a google search! I highly recommend it! One of the greatest classic sci-fi series' ever made. 

You have dragons, elves, dwarves, gods, magicks, orcs, undead, and more! 

How are the Characters? 

Oh man you cannot get me started enough on the characters. 

You know the big guy? Big bearded knight fellow? You'll know him when you watch the movie. But if you like his work, then I IMPLORE YOU to check out another B-rated film Dudes and Dragons where he plays one of the main characters. 

I'm a big fan with a soft heart for b-rated films. Because they represent projects that don't have a HUGE BUDGET and a HOLLYWOOD BACKING. They represent a far more passionate project that people worked day in and day out to make the project see the light of day. 

Also, any fans of Spike of Buffyverse? He's in that movie too. Gotta have that Token-Big-Time-Guy, right? 

But I'm ADHD and I'm going off topic. I'm sorry! Let me reel myself back in. 

You have a party of 4 main guys, a mage mentor to the main girl, and a token evil character played by Mr. Mercer. 

One is a crippled mage with a checkered upbringing, the other is a half-elf thief with again a checkered upbringing, another is a down on his luck knight of the Vitalion Empire, the last is a priestess of the Goddess. 

These guys never would have become the best of buds without the circumstances of their chance meeting. But that's how all great stories turn out, isn't it? 

Through 5 movies you see these fellows grow and bond. It's a really good story if you get around the b-budget that shows itself into the fold at times. 

If this was a series that showed on Syfy back in the early 2000s? I'd say this would have done REALLY well. 

Some people are highly critiqueful of stories such as this. Saying we've seen this a hundred times before. 

But I'm not like those guys. We may have seen something like this 100 times before. But I don't know about YOU. But I'll be HAPPY to see something like this 100 times again! 

So long as your characters captivate me, the story is good, then you can get away with b-rated budget films and still outclass Hollywood in my eyes. 

I want to send a PERSONAL congratulations to the Mythica crew for finishing their ambitious project! Congrats, guys! You did it! 

However, I do recommend checking your local walmart to see if they have it in a 5 in 1 collection for a far greater deal. 


As announced on my Newsletter (Please subscribe to that if you haven't already), I will be starting up a PODCAST SERIES. For now they'll simply be called "The Terraverse Podcast." 

The first one I will be recording TONIGHT. 

For MORE INFORMATION, subscribe to my Newsletter where I'll go more into detail about these podcasts next Sunday. 

What's Going On

So, what's going on this month? Why did we miss a Blog last week? Sorry about that. All I can say is that we got alot to do and alot planned for the upcoming months. We might miss a blog every so other week. I don't have a concrete schedule for these like the Newsletter. 

Well, this month I've dedicated primarily to working on Book 2: Wrath of the Assassin. 

I even have a Cover design up on my Facebook and Twitter if you want to check that out! 

Wrath of the Assassin is a little over halfway finished. Once I finish writing it I'll do a session of editing on it then send her up. I do not know WHEN it'll precisely be done. But expect it sometime this Spring! 


Someone asked us about the series! But they did not want to be named! So let's respect their wishes and just get into the actual question. 

"How many Books exactly do you plan on writing? Are they all going to be connected?"

Great question. GREAT question. 

I'll have to do some math on the 1st part. But the 2nd part I can say YES! Yes they will! They'll not always take place on the same PLANET. Or even in the same DIMENSION. But in-universe they are all connected. 

1st part? Let's see... each Primary Season (7 in total) will have 12 books. If we keep strictly to that, we'll have... 84 total! 

"WOW! 84 books in total?! Are you going to be able to do this in your lifetime?!"

Well I'm glad you asked, guy in quotes. The short answer is: I SURE HOPE SO. 

If not, I'll make sure to leave notes and details, ideas, speculations, EVERYTHING someone needs to know to continue my legacy behind during my final years.  

Right now we're kinda slow cuz we're just getting started and I'm doing most of these things myself. But hopefully once I get a team and we can divvy up the work I can focus SOLELY on writing the stories and have someone else do my editing. Whatever we can do to make this go by faster. We'll do that. 

But 84 isn't the total. Amazed yet? Well let me tell you that after each SEASON I have a TRILOGY planned that goes into the timeline at some point but is not directly connected to the actual season. 

What are these trilogies? Well let's say I mention something that happens a long long time ago but I don't have it scheduled in the main series. I might use that in a trilogy to explain to you what happened back then, and also the origins of some of the more mysterious of characters. 

I'm going to cater to your questions. I remember what it was like being a fan of a series and being FILLED with questions on "Who was this guy. What's his origins! Oh oh! Tell me about this Empire from long ago!" and more. If I come up with one of these questions for my series. I do know someone else will too. So I'm going to answer it before someone asks it. 

So let's do more math here. If we count just the trilogies and the main seasons we have a total of 105 books in the Terraverse series. DAMN! THAT'S ALOT! 

But I'm not done yet! 

I also have a bunch of STAND-ALONE books that take place involving some of these characters in some way. Like an origin story that couldn't make the cut into a trilogy. The events of something big that happened that I often wondered about and wanted to write about, etc. 

These stand-alone books will not be very long. But they will give you a decent amount of content to tide you over. I schedule each "bonus book" as I call it to be released after each trilogy of a Season. So probably 4 per season. So let's do more math! 

That totals out to.... 133 books! MAN! You might be one of the longest running Fantasy authors on the planet if you manage to finish this series! 

Won't it get stale after about 50 books? 

Maybe. Maybe it will. But I don't think so. Because each Season has some MAJOR changes that will keep people interested for decades to come. People are going to grow up on this series. Someone could be 10 years old and be 70 by the time they finally get to see their finished storyline. 

It's effectively a series that might never end. 

But don't worry, guys. I know what you're thinking. Will it take too long to end this series that you'll not live long enough to see the final book? How do the Seasons work? How many can I read and still be satisfied? 

Well I'm glad you asked. I segment each Season based off major events. Each trilogy can consist of an "Arc" if you will. You can read a Season and get a solid start and finish. Just don't touch the Epilogue or you'll get induced with Cliffhanger Angst and will DEMAND the next installment to sate your unending curiosity. 

If time permits. I can get you the first 3 seasons and you'll be left relatively satisfied. I have full material up to that point and I can tell you. Season 3's finale ends alot of major character arcs. It raises some questions about what's going to happen next, yes. But you can be satisfied if you want to stop there. 

But the next generation needs not stop there. They can continue on, and keep going! Up until THEIR adulthoods. 

This will be a series that might still be in progress by the time people my age are Grandpas. 

I do not apologise for that, lol... 133 books are alot. But. Hey. My library consists of about 500. And yes, I've read all 500. And I'm only in my 20s! So by the time this series is finished, if someone wants to binge all 133 it won't take them too long. 

I binged a 30+ book series by one of my favourite authors within a year and a half! It's certainly doable. 

I only apologise for how long it will take to get these out. That's why my ideal set-up is that I ONLY have to focus on writing, while the marketing and editing is handled by someone else. 

But my current set-up (and extremely low funds) means I've got to do most of these things myself. It cuts into the time I can take to 100% focus on writing. So it might take a bit longer in the beginning. 

But hey! If I get started and I'm making some decent profits to get my ideal set-up. We'll see them coming out one by one by one in no time! 

Sorry it took so long to answer that question in full, Anonymous! But that really got me thinking about things. I wanted to lay all of that on the table for you guys. 

This is one of the most ambitious projects I've ever decided to dedicate my life to. And believe you me. I'm not going to stop until I finish. I don't care what stands in my way. Low funds, joblessness, medical bills that need paying, whatever! I'm going to do this, do NOT have a doubt in that! 

It's just... the RATE/SPEED I can do this depends on how well off I am so I can focus solely on getting you the content you love. Hopefully this series kicks off and the world ends up loving it. 

That is my dream. To show this to the world. 


I'm so sorry this ended up so long. I'm going to have to cut it short here. We're about to start recording for the FIRST PODCAST in a bit! 

Below I have links to everything you need to know about my social media, how to contact me, and anything else! 

And PLEASE. If you want YOUR question featured on any of my things, Podcast, Blog, or Newsletter, then CONTACT ME and send me your question. 

My email is

Now for the links: 







Buy my book here!

That is the first one in the series. Start your Adventure Now! 

And as always. I appreciate EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU who reads my blogs, subscribed to my newsletter, purchased my book, and anyone of you who will listen to my Podcast. 

Your support is why I'm still here. Thank you! 

With all of my regard,

M.R. Cull

P.S: Check out Mythica here:

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Blog Post 3!

Hey guys, M.R. Cull here! 
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Welcome to this week's edition of the Terraverse Blog! 

Did everyone have a good New Years? I think mine was alright. 

Today I want to talk to you about Winter. 

Do you like Winter? I thought I did. 

I used to be able to withstand the cold without any warm clothing at all. 

But something happens every single December without fail: I get sick. 

I'd be fine all year, but once December hits, I'd catch a cold or something. Maybe it's seasonal allergies. Maybe it's the change in humidity in the air. I don't know. All I know is that I don't like being sick. 

Can't imagine anyone likes being sick. 

I noticed something new this year however. A ringing in my left ear that was far louder than normal. 

I did not much care for it. And sought to do anything in my power to get rid of it. I changed my diet, I took some supplements, anything I could think of that might help. From what I understand, it's a symptom of another issue that I do not yet know what it might be. 

All I know is I get headaches alot now. My sinuses are really peeved this Winter. I rarely get headaches anymore. But now I do, and alot of them. 

I am waiting for winter to be over. For spring to get here, and for this nightmare to end. 


On a high note. I've begun work on Book 2: Wrath of the Assassin! 
Converting my old version of book 2 into the new formatting (lots more content but a condensed page count) put my total document at just shy of 100 pages. 

That's okay. Because I have alot more content to add to this puppy to make her about 300 pages, same as the first! 

You'll meet alot of interesting characters in this one. Some of them are dear friends of mine that I've been writing with for years. I am very pleased to get to use them in an official published book at long last. 

I have some updates for you, though. 

In case you did not subscribe to my newsletter. I now have a Pinterest and Instagram account!

I am going to do a new thing with the Pinterest account. It's not going to be as active as my twitter or facebook account, no. But I will use Pinterest as a sort of catalog. 

What do I mean? I'm all over the place, let me see if I can explain this. 

Basically, what I want to do is: If you purchase my book, and you want to be featured/officially acknowledged by me, the Author. Email me with a picture of you holding my Paperback, or a screenshot of the download of my Ebook. 

I will then ask your permission to use said image plus a URL to find your facebook/social media page and then post it on my Pinterest Thread under the Terraverse! 

This will be my way of not only thanking you, but to get readers of this series connected with one another, talk about your favourite characters, what might come next, etc. 

I am hoping to make of the Terraverse a community of people who are fans of fantasy and just general entertainment. I have great plans for this series. Maybe a video game if I can get a deal made somewhere! Or a show! 

But right now? We're doing books. 

If you want to see this grow into something. I will need YOUR help and support. 

Any funds I make off royalties from these books will go towards this company I plan to build. It will go towards advertising, getting better quality for future books, such as professional editing done, expanding the Terraverse community into maybe a Youtube channel, a Podcast, Vlogging, and more! 

Right now we're just getting started, and I need YOUR help to spread the word. Tell everyone you know that I have a book out. Tell them where to find it. We need to make of this series something great. Together there is NOTHING we can't do! 


Anyways. This podcast didn't have too much new stuff that I didn't already put in my Newsletter, but I WILL be using this Blog for FAQs. 

One such question I received is Autographs. Will I be doing Autographs? Well, right now I have no concrete way of doing that due to a lack of funds to get my own site set up, etc. 

But here's what I've told family members: Want a signed copy? Grab a paperback, and contact me asking me to sign it. If you can make it out here to where I live, I'll happily sign your copy in person. 

I might do things at the local Bookstore, too! I do not know yet, but I'll be keeping you posted! I have some ideas with my local College I am an Alumni with that I can try. But I gotta wait for them to get back from Winter Break, first! 

I'm sorry I can't do much more with Signed copies than that. But like, if you're willing to mail me your copy, I will happily sign it and send it back to you. But I doubt too many people want to do that. Too much work! 

For ebooks, there isn't much in the way of Autographing, is there? No. But if you show me your proof of purchase. I can personally thank you in a message, or something/announce it on my Newsletter? I mean, it's something! 

Let's get interacted with one another, people. I'm your friend, not a stranger! 

You can email me with questions, fan art, suggestions, images of your paperback, etc. at


Now, let's get links to everything set up here: 






I am most active on Twitter. I'll respond to most messages there. And if you retweet something of mine. I'll TRY to do the same for you if you're an author. If you follow me, you're guaranteed almost 100% of the time (unless I didn't see your name on my notifications) that I will follow you back. 

The same can be said about my FB and Instagram. Though I am not as active on FB, if you like my page, you can message me with a link to yours if you are an Author, I will like your page in return. 

Follows on instagram are NOT guaranteed a follow back instantly. I will not be using it all the time. But when I do, I will go through who has followed me and I will try to return the favour. 

Anyways. Thank you all for the support and for keeping up with all of my madness. You guys are the best! 

Take the best of care of yourselves! 

With all Sincerity, 

M.R. Cull

Shoutout to Meagan for purchasing my book and taking an image of it! I've posted it on my Pinterest! Thank you!

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Blog 2

Hey, guys!

Did you enjoy your holidays? For some of you there's one more treat up next in New Years! Any of you have plans? Don't be shy! Leave a comment! Inbox my Author Email with whatever you want. I can't promise I'll reply to ALL of them. But I WILL read them all!

This week's blog post is going to be about my new Book! Somewhat. And about other things.

Like I said previously I will be using this blog for a variety of things that may change at any time.

But anyways! Have you noticed on my Paperback edition the missing Sword? I noticed it too.

Keep in mind this is not an issue on my end! Printing Ink issues with blackness and dark objects bleed together that I was NOT notified about. Otherwise the cover looks fine!

Don't worry. We're going to make sure EVERYTHING will be visible in Wrath of the Assassin!

The interior is what you want! And she looks beautiful. I just received my copy of my book in the mail today! It's professionally bound and everything. I don't recommend getting the paperback unless you just REALLY want to. I wanted to have a hard copy of my book, which is why I did it.

Ebook is MUCH cheaper. If you're pressed for cash, grab the 3.99 copy. If you are subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, you can grab it for FREE!

I also decided to get a promotion out with AwesomeGang! I should have something released at about Jan 2nd, be on the lookout for that.

This past week could be described as a sort of vacation/holiday thing. We sold a few copies. I'm happy with what we've got thus far. Not bad for a first book by a guy just getting started!

I am going to officially get started with Wrath of the Assassin after New Years. Right now, we're enjoying the Holidays, as I'm sure most of you are, too!

Have any of you played the Ratchet and Clank games? I've been going through a few of them this past week whilst doing some marketing with A Perilous Beginning. I'm really enjoying myself! The only thing I wish would return is the ol' Spyro games. It's just not the same without Insomniac at the Helm.

What do you guys think about that? Miss Spyro? Love Ratchet and Clank? Let me know!

Next item!

A question I've been asked a few times this week is what do I plan on doing next. Where am I going to go from here?

Well, my answer to you is that I am going to get the next book out first, before I do anything else. This is a trilogy. And it wouldn't be right to delay the next issue to do another project. I'm going to get the full trilogy out before I work on anything else.

I hope you guys enjoy this book. I put alot of work into it, especially for a guy working all on his lonesome. I had a wonderful artist who did my map and cover, who has graciously accepted to do the covers for the next two books! Aside from that, it's all me, folks!

Editing is hard, and I am not a robot that is perfect. I might have missed a few things. If you find anything, anything at all. Please don't be shy to point them out to me in an email! I CAN edit these manuscripts for future copies, do not worry about that!

Last item!

I have a Newsletter out now! The Terraverse Infoverse! I will be posting material seen NOWHERE ELSE in these Newsletter Issues. You're not going to want to miss out!

Subscribe today! Link will be below.

Anyways. Take care, guys. And have a wonderful New Years! I'll seeya next Wednesday for another Blog Post!

With all regard,
M.R. Cull


Link time!

The Terraverse Infoverse:



Amazon Author Central Page:

Books: - Paperback - Book 1 - Ebook link

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Hey guys.

This is the SubOfficialKindaOfficialForRightNowOfficial Blog of M.R. Cull, author of the Terraverse Series!

I'm sure you might be wondering who I am, or maybe you're wondering how to find my book. Or perhaps you're not quite sold on getting yourself a copy yet.

Fret not. I know how you feel.

I was in your shoes. I normally bought books from Authors I was familiar with, stories that I knew I would love.

But let's face it. Even our favourite authors were strangers to us at one point. We have to step out of our comfort zones to find the next big names.

I do not proclaim my book to be the best in the business, but I do think it's pretty great, and 3.99 is well within reasonable range in regards to pricing for ebooks.

I might use this blog as a FAQ. I'll answer questions from fans here. I might use the blog to post random top 5s. Or maybe "This Week's Book Rant". Possibilities are endless.

So! To Christen this first Blog. I'm going to open with my Book's Promotion and the story of how this all began.

I found myself graduated from College with few prospects to follow due to a lack of credentials, but I clearly had the Talent if not the Paper. I normally spent my free time playing video games, watching good movies, and writing stories on a Forum I run. Those who read these stories were blown away by the extent of characters, the world, and the lore that I had created. People have told me for years to write books based off these ideas I had, they were itching to see me do something big with it.

Enter Amazon KDP. I am so grateful to Amazon for offering someone with very little money the opportunity to get published. All I had was my talents for writing.

So, I used them. I couldn't afford an Editor, so I edited my own book this time around. I possibly might need to do so for the next two books as well. Once these books kick off and I'm turning in a sizeable profit, I can then use those funds to get these books a better quality of production. I can get a team together, and we can do great things.

But for now: We must start small.

After all, it's not the formatting or quality of the book that matters in the long run: It's the Story that you find within. I've spotted a few typos on books from my favourite authors. But I didn't even care, because I was so gripped into the story. A good story is worth a few editing errors, in my humble opinion.

A Perilous Beginning has a small cast of characters, but this is the opening act, and I wanted to start small to give you guys an easy start. Each character was crafted from a special place in my head.

Pyke was crafted from my dreams of being a published author with a large readership but no funds to get started: but had the ambition to make it to the top.

Sechul was crafted years ago during my prototype stages of the series. I wanted a character who was already "finished with his story arc" persay. He's already seen and done it all. Now he's a tired and jaded fighter drifting from place to place.

Elysa? Not only is she the 'Token Female Character', but she's also the plot exposition. Much of the story of Season 1 is going to revolve around her, even if she doesn't become a main character for all twelve books.

If you want my two cents on the other characters, purchase my book, read about them, and then send me a message asking me to mention it in the next blog!

The Preface and Intro in book 1 are lengthy, and for this I apologise. I had too much to say, to explain, about this new world that you might have questions about. I was hoping to cover them before they were even asked. Book 2 has a much shorter Preface/Intro. You'll get to the story on page 7 (so far as my current draft depicts, final edit might give or take a few pages).

I put alot of dreams into this book. And I want to share it with you all. Give it a chance, yeah?


And now it's time to wh*re myself out with the links and advertising!

Book 1: A Perilous Beginning is out NOW on ebook and paperback via! 

Do you like Fantasy? Do you like Lord of the Rings? Do you like silly jokes that make you laugh?

Then A Perilous Beginning is just the thing for you! Three unlikely heroes have their destinies intertwined as the big bad Musharii Empire seeks to destroy all that they hold dear.

It will take all of Pyke's wits, all of Elysa's cunning, and all of Sechul's skill to get them through this ordeal. Witness the beginning of it all, the beginning of a Saga.

This novel is the first of a trilogy called Noct & Tath. Why Noct & Tath? What is the significance behind this? Find out by collecting all three books! You'll get your answers in the next installments!

All proceeds go towards getting the next book out, promoting the current book, and sustaining the Author's livelihood so that he doesn't die of starvation.


I'm easily reachable. I now have THREE methods to follow me on!

My Facebook Page, where I occasionally post updates!:

My Twitter Page, where I am slightly more active!:

And finally, my Amazon Author Central Page!:

Thank you to my future readers, my current readers, and my potential readers. Anyone who read this whole blog... you guys are the best!

I know I'm not a big name yet. But together, I hope we can make this series great, we can make it go places. Without you I'm just a guy with a book. You guys are what gives my title of Author a true definition.


M.R. Cull